CH24 Wishbone Chairs

Wishbone Chair FAQs:

What makes the Carl Hansen and Sons Wishbone Chairs special? 

The Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen and Sons is a timeless masterpiece known for its elegant design and exceptional comfort. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it stands as a symbol of Scandinavian craftsmanship at its finest.

What materials are used in the construction of Wishbone Chairs? 

Wishbone Chairs are meticulously crafted using a combination of solid wood and woven paper cord. This blend of natural materials not only ensures durability but also adds an organic touch to your interior space.

Are the Wishbone Chairs customisable? 

While the promotion includes selected models, Carl Hansen and Sons offers a range of finish options for the Wishbone Chairs. From various wood finishes to cord colors, you have the flexibility to tailor the chairs to your personal style and home decor.

How can I choose the right Wishbone Chair for my space? 

Our Wishbone Chairs come in a variety of finishes and colors. To choose the perfect fit for your space, explore the options available and consider the existing aesthetic of your home. Our design experts are also available to assist you in making the ideal choice.

Can I return or exchange the Wishbone Chairs purchased during the promotion? 

Yes, our standard return and exchange policies apply to the Wishbone Chairs purchased during the promotion. If you're not completely satisfied, you can follow the usual procedures for returns or exchanges.

Are Wishbone Chairs suitable for both residential and commercial spaces? 

Absolutely. The versatile design and enduring appeal of Wishbone Chairs make them a suitable choice for both residential and commercial settings. Whether in a dining room, office, or restaurant, these chairs add a touch of elegance and comfort.

Promotion FAQs:

What is the Carl Hansen and Sons Wishbone Chairs promotion? 

The Carl Hansen and Sons Wishbone Chairs promotion offers a substantial discount of either 20% or 30% on selected models of Wishbone Chairs. This limited-time offer is an excellent opportunity to own an iconic piece of furniture at an unbeatable price.

How long is the promotion valid? 

The promotion is valid until November 30th. Make sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer before the deadline to enjoy significant savings on your Wishbone Chair purchase.

Are the guarantees the same during the promotion? 

Yes, the standard guarantees and quality assurances that come with Carl Hansen and Sons products remain intact during this promotion. You can enjoy the same level of craftsmanship and excellence that the brand is known for.

Is delivery free during the promotion? 

Absolutely! As part of this promotion, we're delighted to offer free delivery on the selected Wishbone Chair models. This ensures that you can enjoy both savings and convenience when purchasing your chairs.

Welcome to our Carl Hansen Wishbone CH24 Chair Collection, where timeless design and masterful craftsmanship converge to create iconic seating solutions.

At Holloways of Ludlow, we take immense pride in presenting this exceptional range of chairs by the renowned Danish designer, Hans J. Wegner. The Wishbone CH24 Chair, also known as the 'Y Chair,' is a true masterpiece that transcends time and trends. Crafted to perfection, these chairs showcase the essence of Danish modernism, offering a harmonious blend of form, function, and comfort. Find out more about these iconic chairs.

Explore our selection below and discover how these iconic chairs can elevate your living spaces with enduring elegance and style.

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