Reading lights

Reading lights

The right reading light is essential not just for seeing your book or e-reader, but also for preventing eye strain as your body begins to wind down. 

Whether you’re reading in bed, on the sofa or even in a specially designed reading nook, our premium collection of wall mounted reading lights includes a variety of styles and colours - to suit every bookworm’s interior. 

Discover your next reading light from our wall lighting collection today and lose yourself in the joys of a good story.

Brighten Up Your Wind Down with Holloways

Our range of luxury wall reading lights can transform any space into a cosy reading zone and shine an elegant spotlight on even the smallest of text fonts. Whether you’re searching for clip lights to clip onto your bedframe, or twin arm wall lights to stay up late reading with your partner, we’re sure to have the perfect reading light in our extensive collection. 

For spaces with a classic decor style, our Ginger wall light comes as a white, cream, chrome or black-painted aluminium fixture, perfect for creating an ambience while not overpowering the room. You might also wish to explore our collection of flush wall lights for more subtle ways to illuminate your space. 

If you’re searching for something a little more retro, we recommend our Biny Bedside light. Despite looking like something you'd find on a 1950s aeroplane, this reading wall light has various modern touches like an integrated LED spotlight and a convenient USB port to keep your phone charging in the background.

Inject a flair of industrial charm into your reading zone with our collection of industrial wall reading lights. Reminiscent of 19th-century factory lighting, these versatile fixtures showcase any traditional interior and can also be used as task lighting instead of desk lamps

We also offer bedside reading lights in a variety of bright and bold colours, like our Bolt wall lamp. Enjoy soft, balanced light from several contemporary shades, including flux green, thunder blue and striking orange. Alternatively, our twin reading lights offer a modern twist on illumination with wide signature reflectors that can be rotated to provide both indirect and direct lighting.

Adjustable wall-mounted reading lights

Take full control of your illumination with our adjustable wall lights, and provide focused lighting right where you need it. Our range of bedside reading lights includes several fixtures with a swivel or flexible arm, like our long reach wall lights and our Jielde Signal adjustable wall light. Use the three ball connectors to rotate the stylish aluminium structure and adjust the direction of the light however you please.

For an energy-efficient alternative, look no further than our LED adjustable reading wall lights. The BINY spot light comes with an original ball joint that allows for 330° rotation, so you can direct your bright crisp LED light onto a specific area. Choose between a gold, nickel or matt black fixture, and complement the colour temperature of your LED bulb with the exterior of your new efficient fixture. 

Floor lamps

Not all reading lights need to be mounted on the wall. Floor lamps can function as great bedside reading lights, especially fixtures with an adjustable arm or head that can be adjusted to shine directly into your reading zone.

Our floor reading lights can also be positioned next to a chair or small sofa. This makes them perfect for adding to a cosy reading nook or living room. For this purpose, we recommend fixtures with a sturdy base and large lampshade, like our GUBI Bestlite BL3 floor lamp, so that every family member can bask under the welcoming light.

Discover our full range of reading lights by browsing our lighting collection today. Whether you’re winding down in bed, or getting stuck into a new book in your favourite armchair, you’re sure to find the perfect wall mounted reading light at Holloways of Ludlow.

Don’t think a reading light is the right fit for your home? Many other lighting fixtures can be used to provide focused lighting. We recommend our range of premium table lamps for close-up tasks like working on a computer, while overhead lighting like pendant lights can be helpful for other tasks and activities.

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