Holloways has 6 items in the Best Lamps and Sideboards ...

HOME! magazine of the Sunday Times has a list of the best lamps and sidebaords, and Holloways has 6 in the list, more than any other. So when you want quality, variety and the most sought after, you know Holloways has what you're looking for.

Published: 26th April 2017
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Colours for Spring 2017

Spring Colours from Jieldé
Spring always brings an air of vitality, renewal and the great outdoors.  Celebrate springtime 2017 with some great colours from Holloways, from lamp, pendants and other lighting fixtures, to sinks, homeware, table settings and anything else you need to brighten up your spring.

Published: 27th March 2017
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Our site is now mobile friendly.

 Mobile and Next day

Our site is now mobile friendly.  Ready for your browsing when you're on your smaller device, our site is now formatted to fit the small screen.  We also have some items ready for Next Day Delivery.  So if you're in the middle of a project, find out what lights we can get for you tomorrow!

Published: 8th February 2017
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Happy New Year from Holloways

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season and wish everyone a bright 2017.  Here's to new lights in the New Year!

Published: 5th January 2017
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