iCementi Zero51 ceiling light

iCementi Zero51 ceiling light

The iCementi collection is made from an innovative material, Piumacemento® (patent protected material), which combines aesthetic appearance, tactile sensation, strength and resistance to weathering of the concrete with productive lightness and malleability. This makes forms not initially feasible now possible.

iCementi weigh up to 80% less than similar forms made of traditional cement.

The entire collection is designed to accomodate the latest generation LED sources to ensure a minimisation of maintenance and respect for the environment.

Projection: 150mm
Diameter: 700mm
Bulbs: LED 65W 3000K 7000lm
or 4 x T5 24W fluorescent + 4 x TC-L 24W fluorescent

Projection: 150mm
Diameter: 1000mm
Bulbs: LED 130W 3000K 14000lm
or 4 x T5 24W fluorescent + 4 x T5 39W fluorescent

Projection: 150mm
Diameter: 1300mm
Bulbs: LED 208W 3000K 24500lm
or 2 x T5 24W fluorescent + 4 x T5 39W fluorescent + 4 x T5 54W fluorescent

Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 15%
Small - fluorescent £2531.00 - £2151.35
Small - LED £3232.00 - £2747.20
Medium - fluorescent £3208.00 - £2726.80
Medium - LED £4395.00 - £3735.75
Large - fluorescent £4123.00 - £3504.55
Large - LED £6102.00 - £5186.70
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