Caravaggio matt metal pendant

Caravaggio matt metal pendant

Prices Inc. Vat:

P1 £254.00
P2 £352.00
P3 £637.00


Light grey 25
Mid grey 45
Dark sienna (Not available in P4)
Dark ultramarine (Not available in P4)

The Caravaggio is now considered a Scandinavian design classic. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shade's feminine lines. Caravaggio is characterised by direct light without glare whilst the uplight from the pendant's top also adds to the room's ambient light.

Danish designer Cecilie Manz says "new products should either be innovative and rejuvenating, or offer improvement, in order to earn recognition". Thus, she has done her utmost to develop designs that do not steal attention from the light, but ensure that function always prevails.

P1: Diameter: 16.5cm
Shade height: 20.5cm
Cable: 3m
Bulb: 1 x E14

P2: Diameter: 25.7cm
Shade height: 32.5cm
Cable: 3m
Bulb: 1 x E27

P3: Diameter: 40cm
Shade height: 51cm
Cable: 6m
Bulb: 1 x E27

P4: Diameter: 55cm
Shade height: 70cm
Cable: 6m wire cable
Bulb: 1 x E27

All sizes of Caravaggio are LED compatible and dimmable.

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