Coordinates ceiling light

Coordinates ceiling light

Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 10%
C1 - anodised champagne £1695.00 - £1525.50
C1 long - anodised champagne £1780.00 - £1602.00
C2 - anodised champagne £1955.00 - £1759.50
C2 long - anodised champagne £2040.00 - £1836.00
C4 - anodised champagne £4130.00 - £3717.00
C4 long - anodised champagne £4430.00 - £3987.00

Coordinates is a lighting system with diffuse light composed of horizontal and vertical luminaries arranged in a bright grid of various shapes and complexities. Each element is made of extruded anodized aluminium with a champagne finish and a diffuser in platinum optical silicone with an integrated LED strip (CRI 95).

Each element is powered and supported by an invisible electrical and mechanical connection designed specifically to allow for the composition of the 3 ceiling models (C1 – C2 – C4), which may be combined with the respective Long versions for the highest ceilings (C1 Long, C2 Long, C4 Long).

Drop: 123.2cm
Width: 78.2cm
Bulb: Strip LED 25W 2270lm 2700K (bulb included)

C1 long:
Drop: 172.2cm
Width: 78.2cm
Bulb: Strip LED 52W 2670lm 2700K (bulb included)

Drop: 137.2cm
Width: 176.2cm
Bulb: Strip LED 69W 3660lm 2700K (bulb included)

C2 long:
Drop: 186.2cm
Width: 176.2cm
Bulb: Strip LED 83W 4470lm 2700K (bulb included)

Drop: 95cm
Width: 176.2cm
Bulb: Strip LED 157W 8830lm 2700K (bulb included)

C4 long:
Drop: 144.2cm
Width: 176.2cm
Bulb: Strip LED 185W 10450lm 2700K (bulb included)

Dimmable: Yes (1-10V / push / dali)

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