Royal System

Royal System

Prices Inc. Vat:

Rail 70cm - PRICE FROM: £185.00
Rail 100cm - PRICE FROM: £234.00
Rail 200cm - PRICE FROM: £286.00
Shelf 24cm - PRICE FROM: £242.00
Shelf 30cm - PRICE FROM: £264.00
Magazine shelf 31cm - PRICE FROM: £475.00
Desk shelf 60cm - PRICE FROM: £531.00
Table 125cm - PRICE FROM: £1620.00
Table 175cm - PRICE FROM: £1699.00
Cabinet with 2 doors (1 shelf) - PRICE FROM: £987.00
Cabinet with 3 drawers - PRICE FROM: £1771.00
Cabinet with writing / bar flap - PRICE FROM: £1165.00
Cabinet with 2 sliding glass doors (1 shelf) - PRICE FROM: £1005.00
Cabinet with 2 sliding wooden doors (1 shelf) - PRICE FROM: £1005.00
High cabinet with sliding doors in glass (1 shelf) - PRICE FROM: £1005.00

The iconic shelving system royal sytem was designed in 1948 by legendary Danish designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius, and has been one of the greatest Danish furniture successes in history. It was one of the world's first wall-mounted furniture systems, and the idea behind the design was innovative. Poul Cadovius saw a challenge in the heavy, space-stealing traditional furniture, which occupied too much floor space.

This product is also available in different wood options such as black laquered oak, smoked oak and walnut. This product is also highly customisable. Please contact and we will be happy to help design a system that perfectly meets your needs.

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