dk3_3 Table

dk3_3 Table

Prices Inc. Vat:

140cm £4562.00
160cm £4676.00
180cm £4839.00
200cm £4970.00
220cm £5139.00
240cm £5361.00
270cm £6614.00
300cm £7417.00
340cm £8405.00
370cm £9147.00
400cm £9979.00
450cm £11226.00

Wood finish options:

Wild oak - oil
Wild oak - soap
Wild oak - white oil

Add extension leaf:

Extension leaf £771.00

The dk3_3 table was launched as one of the first plank tables on the Scandinavian market. The design concept of combining two thin steel legs with large planks containing knots and natural wood structure was unusual back then. To dk3, this was where the treasure was hidden - to move the beauty of nature in a minimalistic way into the living rooms of Scandinavian homes.

The dk3_3 table is available in a range of different wood options including oak, smoked oak and walnut. Please contact for more information.

Length: 140 - 450cm
Width: 100cm 
Height: 74cm
Table top: 4cm (two pieces)

Extension Leaf:
Length: 50cm
Width: 100cm

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