Emo sofa

Emo sofa

Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 15%
Rustic £2260.00 - £1921.00
Sheepy £2430.00 - £2065.50
Remix £3225.00 - £2741.25
Maple £3380.00 - £2873.00
Fiord £3825.00 - £3251.25
Tonica 2 £3845.00 - £3268.25
Hallingdal £4070.00 - £3459.50

The Emo couch represents the lines that only passion can create. With its dimensions and style security, the couch is ideal for both living room and office space. The Emo couch in the home setting creates a feeling of cosiness and quality. It is extremely comfortable but also provides an aesthetic pleasurable experience. A decision you will not regret.

Width 207cm/195 cm
Depth 88cm/60 cm
Height 74cm/40 cm

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