Series 21 pendant 11 - 61 pieces

Series 21 pendant 11 - 61 pieces

Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 15%
11 pendant rectangle canopy £5550.00 - £4717.50
11 pendant square canopy £5550.00 - £4717.50
14 pendant rectangle canopy £7064.00 - £6004.40
14 pendant round canopy £7064.00 - £6004.40
19 pendant cluster canopy £9587.00 - £8148.95
21 pendant rectangle canopy £10596.00 - £9006.60
26 pendant rectangle canopy £13119.00 - £11151.15
26 pendant round canopy £13119.00 - £11151.15
36 pendant rectangle canopy £18164.00 - £15439.40
36 pendant round canopy £18164.00 - £15439.40
36 pendant square canopy £18164.00 - £15439.40
37 pendant cluster canopy £18669.00 - £15868.65
50 pendant square canopy £25228.00 - £21443.80
61 pendant cluster pendant £30778.00 - £26161.30

Bulb type:

20W Xenon
1.5W LED

The 21 series is made with a random amount of raw porcelain, which is flattened and rolled into a pancake shape. This is then wrapped around a frosted borosilicate glass inverted trumpet diffuser. The thin porcelain skin is allowed to flop over the borosilicate core to create whatever form is most natural to it. This makes a unique form, of varying size, in every iteration of the fabrication process. Base can be square, round or rectangular depending upon the quantity of pendants and has a white powder coat finish.  See the product specifications for the base details for each availble group.  Bulbs not included. Each individual pendant plugs into the ceiling as the buyer chooses. A shortest and longest height needs to be given to the manufacturer.

The cables on this pendant are fixed at a certain length depending on your requirements and are not adjustable. Please see 'Colours, finishes and styles' for ceiling rose examples. Extra cable is available, please contact for more information.

Width of individual pendant: 13cm

11 pendant:
Rectangle: 85cm x 28.4cm
Square: 50.8cm x 50.8cm

14 pendant:
Round: 50.8 diameter
Rectangle: 85cm x 28.4cm

19 pendant:
Cluster: 50.1cm

21 pendant:
Rectangle: 85cm x 28.4cm

26 pendant:
Rectangle: 100cm x 33.5cm
Round: 60cm diameter

36 pendant:
Square: 75.5cm x 75.5cm
Rectangle: 110cm x 37cm
Round: 75.5cm diameter

37 pendant:
Cluster: 60cm

50 pendant:
Square: 75.5cm

61 pendant:
Cluster: 70.7cm

Bulb: 20W Xenon or 1.5W LED (bulb included)
Bocci recommends mounting transformers remotely in a close, accessible and hidden location for ease of long term maintenance. Installation to be done by certified personnel to ensure code compliance. (transformer included)

Colours, finishes and styles

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