Luisa table light - large

Luisa table light - large

Prices Inc. Vat:

Clear, matt white fittings £1006.00
Glossy white, matt white fittings £1053.00
Glossy smoked grey, matt white fittings £1164.00
Silver, matt white fittings £1143.00
Rose, matt white fittings £1164.00
Clear, chrome fittings £1090.00
Glossy white, chrome fittings £1137.00
Glossy smoked grey, chrome fittings £1248.00
Silver, chrome fittings £1227.00
Rose, chrome fittings £1248.00
Clear, matt black fittings £1006.00
Glossy white, matt black fittings £1053.00
Glossy smoked grey, matt black fittings £1164.00
Silver, matt black fittings £1143.00
Rose, matt black fittings £1164.00
Clear, nickel fittings £1090.00
Glossy white, nickel fittings £1137.00
Glossy smoked grey, nickel fittings £1248.00
Silver, nickel fittings £1227.00
Rose, nickel fittings £1248.00
Clear, brass fittings £1090.00
Glossy white, brass fittings £1137.00
Glossy smoked grey, brass fittings £1248.00
Silver, brass fittings £1227.00
Rose, brass fittings £1248.00

The Luisa table light features a unique glass shade which is available in five different colours allowing you to choose the light which will fit best into the interior and style of your house. The lights are perfect to be placed on a bedside table or side table for an extra warm glow of light into the surroundings.

Height: 45cm
Diameter: 32cm

Bulb: 1 x Intergrated LED (Bulb included)
Dimmable: Yes

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