Arkade dining chair

Arkade dining chair

Prices Inc. Vat:

Oak and black oxide metal £667.00
Fumed oak and black oxide metal £746.00

The Arkade Chair is a previously unreleased chair by Danish architect Nanna Ditzel, designed in 1983. The design exemplifies Ditzel’s hallmark of elegant geometries and fondness for soft circular shapes, expressed with recurring arches, hence the name Arkade (the Danish word for Arcade), and a nod to classic architecture.

For the first time the Arkade Chair is now in production and available as a core part of the Brdr. Krüger Collection. The chair was initially designed in 1983 during a decade-long collaboration between Ditzel and Brdr. Krüger. The joint effort explored the synergy between Ditzel’s design vision and the Brdr. Krüger expert craftsmanship.

Height: 83cm
Width: 55.4cm
Seat height: 46.5cm
Seat depth: 59.5cm
Armres height: 68.8cm
Weight: 10kg

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