Unique lighting that reflect the riches and foy found in Nordic nature

The Danish word for light & honour, Nuura creates aesthetic lighting designed to reflect the rich life found in Nordic nature. This is Nuura

Inspired by Nordic nature...

Founded in 2017 by Nadia Lassen, Peter Østerberg and renowned Danish lighting designer Sofie Refer, Nuura’s unique design identity lies in the balance of sensuous expression and the Nordic values of simplicity and quality.

Their first collections, launched in 2018, were developed for over two and half years, drawing on Refer’s previous work and inspired by what Nuura wanted to give to the world. Based in Copenhagen, their lighting pieces are deeply rooted in core Nordic values, such as a commitment to high-quality design and a respect for materials and the environment that surrounds us all. Nuura lighting is carefully created to reflect the joys found in nature and enlighten homes with beautiful designs that stem from compassion and love.

Product Style

A beautiful symbol of generosity and art, the chandelier is at the heart of each of Nuura’s stunning lighting collections, inspiring their designs to branch out into a family of pendants, wall lights and lamps. In doing so, a cohesive range of lighting with shared and reflected themes is produced to provide interesting possibilities for any space. Most of Nuura’s lighting is produced in their native Sweden, using only the best materials and production methods. Always paying attention to how their pieces can positively impact everyday lives, Nuura’s combination of sensitive design and innovative technology allows their unique luminaires to maximise the positive impact that light can have on people’s wellbeing.

Iconic Designs

Miira circular chandelier

by Sofie Refer

Sofie Refer’s Miira circular chandelier combines a classic appearance with a contemporary minimalist design. The chandelier comprises a powder-coated metal ring in dark bronze which supports a number of beautifully balance mouth-blown glass globes which spread a sensuous light. A sophisticated choice for both high and low ceilinged spaces, the Miira circular chandelier’s simple and classic design makes it an eye-catching addition to dining rooms, hallways and living rooms.

Rizzatto 43 pendant light

by Paolo Rizzatto

The sophisticated Rizzatto 43 pendant light is part of world-renowned designer Paolo Rizzatto’s masterful Rizzatto collection. Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet, the pendant light is an avant-garde dance of organically shaped, mouth-blown opal-white glass and elegant brass-coloured anodised aluminium. This elegant feature luminaire diffuses a soft, even light to create a comforting atmosphere in any space.

Anoli cluster light

by Sofie Refer

Combining traditional Nordic simplicity with elegant layering, the Anoli cluster light evokes the tranquillity of falling water droplets. Made by skilled artisan craftsmen using the finest materials, the pendants comprise exquisite mouth-blown drop shaped glass shades and gold powder-coated metal suspensions. The Anoli cluster light provides an even diffusion of soft illumination reminiscent of the elegance of Nordic light.