Guided by Light


Established in Oslo in 2005, Northern Lighting’s products are created in collaboration with designers, tastemakers and innovators from around the world. Their designs are guided by Scandinavian simplicity and the ever-changing character of the Northern lights. Northern Lighting is committed to quality, sustainability and design excellence.

Product Style

Northern Lighting has it all - from pendants and wall lights to floor lamps and furniture - each product has been made to enhance the quality of ambient light. By combining beauty with functionality and natural materials with genuine craftsmanship, Northern successfully creates lighting and furniture that not only meets modern needs but has a cutting-edge cool.

Must-have Designs

Acorn Pendant

Designed to replicate nature's beauty in a functional object, the Acorn pendant light offers a sophisticated yet understated profile that will complement any contemporary interior. Resembling an acorn's stem or cupule, the top of the shade tapers into an elegant tactile shape providing directed lighting to whatever surface is below. Suspended by a silk cord that conceals the power cable, the pendant attaches to the ceiling via a ceiling canopy that has been crafted in the same style as the shade. Place the Acorn pendant light over a dining table, coffee table or kitchen island for a stylish, contemporary look.

Birdy Floor Light

Reissued in 2013, the Birdy floor light is part of Birger Dahl's award-winning modernist design series from 1952. Updated for contemporary use, Northern has taken care to preserve the original shape and highly functional features that first gave it international acclaim. Slender and striking, the Birdy floor light provides ideal task lighting thanks to its practical adjustable head, and integrated switch on the cable. Perfect for any modern or contemporary interior, the Birdy is a standout lighting solution next to a bed, sofa or armchair.

Hifive Cabinet - Floor

As cool as they come, the Hifive cabinet - floor has been designed to fit into any and every interior space. It uses a system that is comprised of streamlined modular components: an open unit, a cabinet with a scrolling door, a sleek metal base and a wooden top that unites the unit with a single surface. Designed to hold audiovisual equipment such as receivers, amps and multimedia players, this cabinet can conceal contents behind its scrolling door, and accommodate old-school vinyl LPs, music and television media in its open half.