Scandinavian design with enduring aesthetics

A combination of timeless aesthetics, exquisite craftsmanship and personal expression, Muuto furniture and lighting brings a new perspective to Scandinavian design. This is Muuto.

A new era of Nordic design...

Muuto, named for the Finnish word muutos meaning ‘new perspective’, is entirely rooted in bringing a modern take to traditional Nordic furniture.

Since 2008, Danish design company Muuto has heralded in a new wave of Scandinavian design. By combining functionality, quality and honesty, tenets of the Nordic design tradition, with the creativity of leading contemporary designers, like Louise Campbell, From Us With Love, Norway Says and Ole Jensen, Muuto’s philosophy and passion are infused into its catalogue of sublime furniture. Their winning combination of unique dynamic creativity and innovative materials and techniques has allowed the brand to achieve a global success that proves the New Nordic Design age is well and truly here. 

Product Style

Infused with muutos, Muuto makes the mundane more sublime with a new perspective on furniture design. The brand carefully selects the best of Scandinavian talent and gives them complete control to express their personal vision for the objects they create. This creative freedom allows everyday pieces to become much more than themselves: plastic bottles become lampshades, shelves become work organisers and side tables become sculptural plinths. Surprising and sustainable materials bring an added level of depth to Muuto’s eclectic, innovative catalogue as each piece has its own clear unique story and identity. 

Iconic Designs

Fiber armchair

by Iskos-Berlin

Designed by Iskos-Berlin, the Fiber armchair reimagines the iconic shell chair with a new innovative design and material. Offering supreme comfort while taking up minimal space, the armchair features a harmonious shell, characterised by clean, embracing curves and a 100% recyclable composite of recycled plastic and wood fibres. The chair’s iconic shell has a soft, matte surface and inviting tactile touch, making it a versatile and appealing choice for modern spaces.

Leaf floor light

by Broberg & Ridderstråle

The Leaf floor light beautifully fuses lightweight, elegant design with innovative, energy-efficient LED technology. Inspired by the leaves of a tree, the lamp combines an organic, minimalist aesthetic with soft asymmetric geometry for an approachable appearance. A dimmable LED light is integrated into the lamp’s adjustable head, allowing you to modify the light for direct or indirect illumination depending on your needs. With a versatile, modern design, Broberg & Ridderstråle’s Leaf floor light is a sleek, elegant piece made to enhance contemporary living rooms.

Ambit pendant light

by TAF Studio

The Ambit pendant light is a timeless, versatile lamp with strong Scandinavian character. Designed by TAF Studio, the minimalist pendant is constructed from handspun aluminium. The exterior shade has been hand-painted in a range of soft colours, while the white painted interior provides a delicate contrast and ensures a pleasant, bright light is emitted. Hung alone above a dining table as a stunning centrepiece or in an elegant cluster over a kitchen island for a bold statement, the Ambit pendant light provides an endlessly appealing fusion of style and simplicity.