Louis Poulsen

Refined lighting that focuses on function, form and precision craftsmanship.


Originally established as a lighting manufacturer in 1874, Louis Poulsen has become one of the world’s leading producers of lighting through collaborations with renowned designers and architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Øivind Slaatto, Poul Henningsen and Verner Panton. Through their long partnership with Poul Henningsen they have committed to tailoring their designs to focus on supporting the rhythm of natural light for the modern user.

Product Style

Renowned for their iconic collection of lamps, pendants and luminaires, Louis Poulsen, together with renowned architect, Poul Henningsen have created a product philosophy that can be summed up in three words: function, comfort, and ambience. Louis Poulsen's approach to lighting lies in its uncompromising simplicity. There must be no elements that do not serve a light-related purpose. As stylish and functional today as at their inception, Louis Poulsen Lighting is perfect for the contemporary interior.

Iconic Designs

PH5 Pendant

by Poul Henningsen

The most iconic lighting design of the 20th century, the PH5 Pendant was originally designed in 1958 and has been manufactured ever since by Denmark’s prestigious lighting manufacturer, Louis Poulsen. Based on Henningsen’s celebrated three-shade system, the PH5 Pendant directs the majority of its light downwards making its illumination free from glare, while simultaneously creating a sculptural effect. A truly clever design, the lamp features four shades crafted from powder-coated spun aluminium in a range of eye-catching hues, and is accented by rolled aluminium struts in a bronze finish. Complemented by a coordinating white ceiling rose and textile cord, the PH5 Pendant light is the epitome of refinement.

AJ Wall Light

by Arne Jacobsen

Designed in 1957 for Copenhagen’s SAS Royal Hotel, the AJ wall light is considered to be one of the great pieces of twentieth century lighting design. Made from two geometric shapes that allow the shade to direct light exactly where needed, the inside of the shade is painted white to provide soft, balanced light, and the angle is fully adjustable to the user’s needs. Crafted from stainless steel and moulded zinc, the AJ wall light is still sold in its original sleek stainless steel finish. A range of stunning colours have been added to entice design aficionados to the sophisticated yet understated design.

Panthella Table Light

by Verner Panton

First created in 1971, the Panthella table light is one of Verner Panton's most famous designs. Its clean yet soft lines combine to create a classic modern look that's perfect for a range of interiors, from modern to contemporary. The iconic hemispherical acrylic shade was designed to work with the base to reflect and diffuse light, providing comfortable ambient lighting wherever it is placed. A must-have for any design aficionado, the Panthella table light offers an understated yet eye-catching look to any home.