Affordable Luxury From A Sustainable Scandinavian Brand

Founded in 2007, HOUE is a Danish design firm that espouses affordable luxury as its guiding principle. They achieve this by selecting optimal materials and solutions, often from innovative and sustainable sources. This is Houe.

Turning trash into treasure; award-winning innovation

Houe stopped looking at trash as a problem, and started seeing it as the resource it is. They create furniture made of recycled everyday household plastic trash.

In 2022 the ReCLIPS collection received the IFDA Selects Award for Sustainability. This innovative collection is a bestseller and is made from Danish household plastic trash. 

As well as being sustinable, these furniture collections are stylish and comfortable. 

Stunning Outdoor Furniture Collections

Houe has taken luxury garden furniture and fused it with both affordability and sustainability. The resulting collections are breathtaking. 

From supremely comfortable outdoor sofas, to tables made of sustainably sourced bamboo, their is a range to suit every outdoor space. 

HOUE's outdoor furniture is characterized by its clean lines and modern designs. The company's use of bright colors and bold shapes adds a playful touch to their furniture, making it stand out and impress visitors.

HOUE's outdoor furniture is also designed to withstand the elements. The company uses materials that are durable and resistant to weathering, making their furniture suitable for use in a range of environments. For instance, the CLICK collection is made of weather-resistant polypropylene, while the FRAME collection features a powder-coated aluminum frame that is resistant to rust and corrosion. This means that customers can leave their outdoor furniture outside year-round without worrying about it deteriorating.

Iconic Designs

ReClips Outdoor Collection

by Henrik Pederson

The ReCLIPS line of chairs features broad plastic lamellas attached to a lightweight, powder-coated aluminum frame. These lamellas are crafted from recycled Danish household plastic waste and are manufactured within Denmark. The innovative technique of using recycled plastic waste to produce furniture is a product of Danish ingenuity. Therefore, ReCLIPS is a testament to the fusion of Danish design and innovation, where new ideas and materials converge to create a unique seating solution.

FOUR Outdoor Tables

by Henrik Pederson

The Houe FOUR range can be easily recognise by the bamboo table top and poweder coated alluminium legs that are consistent across the collection. These outdoor tables are designed to withstand the elements and look fantastic with Houe's chairs. You can choose from a dining table or a higher bar table.

This collection was designed hy Henrik Pederson whose main inspiration is neo-scandinavian design, influenced by the vibes of London and the humor of Amsterdam.


LEVEL Outdoor Collection

by Henrik Pederson

The key focus of the LEVEL modular lounge collection is on creating a harmonious connection with nature, by elevating the lines and shapes to a higher level, and relating to the horizon. This is achieved through the design that offers eye-level seating and a relaxed lounge atmosphere, facilitated by the lightweight frame and soft cushions that provide both contrast and comfort. The LEVEL collection is versatile and offers various options for customization through its modular design. The modules can be easily mixed and matched to create a unique and personalized garden lounge setup.