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Arne Jacobsen, a Danish design maverick, is celebrated for pioneering the Scandinavian Modernism movement. His minimalist and functional designs, characterized by clean lines and organic forms, continue to influence contemporary design worldwide.



His design is still celebrated and desired today - with updated versions of his work still being released to this day, for example these new colours of AJ Table Lamps.



Beyond furniture and lighting, Arne Jacobsen was a visionary architect, designing entire buildings and interiors. His holistic approach to design, from the building's facade down to the smallest details of furniture and fixtures, exemplifies his commitment to creating cohesive, harmonious spaces.

Who is Arne Jacobsen, and why is he significant in design history?

Arne Jacobsen was a Danish architect and designer who made significant contributions to the world of design. He's renowned for his pioneering work in Scandinavian Modernism, characterised by minimalist, functional, and timeless designs.

What are Arne Jacobsen's latest designs?

Recently some of Arne Jacobsens most iconic designs have been released in a number of new colours. Bright, bold and beautiful - they'd look superb in any home. 

How can I incorporate Arne Jacobsen's designs into my home? 

You can introduce Arne Jacobsen's designs into your space through his furniture and lighting creations. Explore our collection to find the perfect piece that suits your style and needs.

Who is Louis Poulsen, and what is their collaboration with Arne Jacobsen?

Louis Poulsen is a prestigious Danish lighting manufacturer. They collaborated with Arne Jacobsen to produce iconic lighting fixtures that reflect his design philosophy. These fixtures combine Louis Poulsen's craftsmanship with Jacobsen's vision.

What sets Louis Poulsen's lighting apart from others?

Louis Poulsen is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Their lighting fixtures, designed in collaboration with Arne Jacobsen, are revered for their aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

What is the Holloways of Ludlow no quibble money back guarantee? 

Our no quibble money back guarantee ensures your peace of mind. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within the specified period, no questions asked.

Do you offer free delivery on orders over £50? 

Yes, we offer free delivery on all orders over £50. It's our way of making your shopping experience more convenient and cost-effective.

How soon can I expect my order to arrive if the product is in stock? 

If the product is in stock, you can anticipate delivery within 3-5 business days. We strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Explore the timeless designs of Arne Jacobsen in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. Arne Jacobsen, a luminary in the world of architecture and design, left an indelible mark with his iconic creations and Louis Poulsen, a renowned lighting manufacturer, brought his vision to life in stunning light fixtures.

At Holloways of Ludlow, we're proud to offer you the opportunity to own a piece of design history. Explore our collection below and illuminate your space with the elegance and innovation that define Arne Jacobsen's legacy.

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