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Bedside Lamps For Your Home

Table Lamps are the cherry on top of a well designed interior, and bedside lamps can complete a bedroom. Whether you need a reading light, or a stylish lamp to complete your aesthetic, we have picked out five of the best bedside lamps. 

The Best Bedside Lamp - Lodes Hover Table LampThe Best Bedside Lamp - Lodes Hover Table Lamp

The Hover Bedside Lamp

by Lodes

This extraordinary bedside lamp showcases a captivating design where the lamp shade appears detached from the base, connected flawlessly by a single cable that gracefully passes through the stem and emerges on the other end. The end result is a breathtaking illusion, as if the light source is weightless, suspended in the air like a floating balloon. Adding to its allure, the Hover table lamp features a convenient dimmer that can be controlled through a power switch conveniently positioned near the top of the stem. This allows you to effortlessly adjust the light intensity, creating the perfect ambiance for your bedside setting.

The IC Table Lamp 

by Flos

Michael Anastassiades’ IC table light is a contemporary, minimalist lamp created for Flos. Inspired by contact juggling, the lamp features a glass lampshade balanced on the edge of a rod, capturing a moment of perfect equilibrium. The soft, diffused glow emitted from the spherical opal glass shade creates a gorgeous, ambient illumination which makes it perfect as a bedside lamp. It is available in a variety of sizes but we prefer it as a T2 or T1 low for a bedside lamp.

IC Bedside Lamp - Flos Table LampIC Bedside Lamp - Flos Table Lamp
Hector Pleat Table Lamp - Bedside LampHector Pleat Table Lamp - Bedside Lamp

Hector Pleat Table Lamp

by Original BTC

The Hector Pleat table light is a stunning enhancement to the beloved British classic, the original Hector design. With its pleated version, this bedside lamp exudes style and sophistication. Its architectural shade allows for adjustable lighting, ensuring that light is directed precisely where it's needed, making it an excellent choice for a bedside table. This table lamp is available in two different sizes, but for a bedroom we think the small is ideal as it leaves more space whilst still exuding a luxurious aesthetic. 

AJ Table Lamp - Mini Bedside LampAJ Table Lamp - Mini Bedside Lamp

AJ Table Lamp - Mini

by Louis Poulsen

Discover the exquisite AJ bedside lamp - mini, a captivating tribute to the iconic 1957 design crafted for Copenhagen's SAS Royal Hotel. Renowned as one of the greatest twentieth century lighting creations, this miniature version is the epitome of perfection as a bedside lamp. Its allure lies in the harmonious blend of two geometric shapes that ingeniously guide the light precisely where it's desired. With its inner shade elegantly painted in white, it emits a gentle, well-balanced glow, creating a serene ambiance in your bedroom sanctuary. What sets this remarkable lamp apart is its fully adjustable angle, catering to your individual needs and preferences.

Birdie Easy Table Lamp - Bedside LampBirdie Easy Table Lamp - Bedside Lamp

Birdie Easy Table Lamp

by Foscarini

Indulge in the captivating charm of the Birdie Easy table light, meticulously crafted by the brilliant minds of Ludovica & Roberto Palomba. As you retire to your sanctuary each night, let this exceptional bedside lamp illuminate your space with its translucent, gently flared shade. Made from high-quality polycarbonate, it effortlessly diffuses light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that radiates elegance. Its robust structure and sturdy base, crafted from coated steel and metal, ensure both durability and a smooth aesthetic. The beauty of the Birdie Easy lies in its simplicity, seamlessly blending into any interior with effortless grace. 

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