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Using natural materials with unwavering quality and artisanship

Explore their meticulously curated furniture and lighting collection, seamlessly blending classic elegance with contemporary flair. Designed by Kasper Thorup in their Copenhagen Studio, each piece is crafted from premium materials for unparalleled quality.

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Thorvald Collection

Holloways of Ludlow are proud to introducing Thorup Copenhagen. An independent Danish design studio established in 2017 by Kasper Thorup.

Crafting a range of furniture and lighting with a committed to design excellence their ranges are created with a keen focus on using natural materials with unwavering quality, and artisanship, each creation is made for everyday use.

Inspired by both classic and contemporary aesthetics, we seamlessly blend innovative production methods with traditional craftsmanship.

Mio Dining Table

The Mio Table – a perfect fusion of style and practicality, meticulously crafted to enrich your space with its organic form and timeless allure. Constructed from premium FSC-certified solid oak and accented with distinctive steel details, this round table by Thorup seamlessly marries enduring aesthetics with functionality.

Serving as a focal point, the Mio Table beckons you to embrace life's significant moments while enhancing your daily living with unparalleled quality. Its flat-packed design ensures effortless assembly, and with a seating capacity for six chairs, it's perfect for fostering a cosy and welcoming ambiance during gatherings.

Designer: Kasper Thorup
Materials: FSC-certified solid oak (oiled), Steel fasteners Environment: Indoor 

Patrone Lighting

Artisan-crafted in Copenhagen using solid diamond-cut brass, Patrone is inspired by the concept of delivering premium everyday lighting that effortlessly imbues any space with tactile charm and instant sophistication.

Designed to offer a versatile lighting experience, the collection features a range of options including Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, and Pendant Lights, all available in a variety of luxurious finishes.

Designed in Copenhagen and produced in Denmark.

Available in four luxious finishes: Solid brass, browned brass, black-browned brass and nickel plated brass

Patrone Wall Lamp

Illuminate your space with the refined ambiance of the Patrone Wall Lamp. Its signature details and effortless design seamlessly blend into any setting, emitting a soft, comfortable downlight for a calming atmosphere. Perfect for kitchens, hallways, living rooms, or any area in need of gentle illumination.

Mount it seamlessly with our hard-wired configuration, or opt for our Wall Lamp Kit for a plug-in option with an on/off switch. Crafted in Copenhagen with solid brass, this elegant fixture, designed by Kasper Thorup, is a testament to both form and function.

Design: Kasper Thorup
Materials: Solid Brass 
Finish: Solid brass, browned brass, black-browned brass and nickel plated brass

Will this furniture look good in my garden?

Of course, the Tanso Collection by Case Furniture is specifically designed to seamlessly blend with outdoor settings, making it an excellent choice for enhancing the aesthetics of your garden. The clean lines, natural materials, and timeless design of the Tanso pieces create an elegant and harmonious look that complements various outdoor environments. Whether you have a modern, traditional, or eclectic garden style, the Tanso Collection adds a touch of sophistication and functionality to any outdoor space.

Is the Tanso sofa comfy?

Yes, the Tanso Sofa from Case Furniture's Tanso Collection is crafted with both comfort and style in mind. The sofa features a thoughtful design that combines a sleek silhouette with plush cushions, providing a comfortable and inviting seating experience. The cushions are designed to offer support while maintaining a relaxed feel, making the Tanso Sofa an ideal choice for lounging and enjoying your outdoor space in comfort.

Explore Our Tanso Bundles

Opting for a Tanso Collection bundle from Case Furniture is a savvy choice that brings numerous benefits to your outdoor space. Purchasing a bundle ensures a cohesive and harmonious design, as the furniture pieces are carefully curated to complement each other seamlessly. With a bundle, you receive a well-coordinated set that not only elevates the visual appeal of your outdoor area but also guarantees a consistent design language. Additionally, buying a bundle often provides cost savings compared to purchasing individual pieces separately, making it a convenient and economical way to furnish your space with high-quality, matching outdoor furniture.

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Iconic Designs

Noctambule Collection 

by Konstantin Grcic

Designed by German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic in collaboration with Flos, the Noctambule Collection is truly one of a kind. Taking its name from the French word for “night owl”, its unique design takes centerstage when lit, while appearing almost invisible in daylight. Featuring hand-blown glass cylinders that intersect with one another via LED rings, the modular design of the Noctambule collection allows the user to add and subtract different elements, providing endless creative possibilities for both floor and pendant lighting.  

Coordinates Collection 

by Michael Anastassiades

Originally designed for the Four Seasons restaurant in New York, the Coordinates Collection by Michael Anastassiades is a sophisticated meeting of light and sculpture. Offering both simple and complex configurations, the designs are composed of horizontal and vertical luminaires constructed from anodised, champagne-coloured aluminium with an integrated platinum optical silicone LED for a luminous glow. Simple, clean and contemporary, the Coordinates Collection offers striking yet delicate lighting for today’s interiors. 

IC Collection

by Michael Anastassiades

Contemporary and minimalist, the IC Collection, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, explores the nature of balance. Inspired by contact juggling, each piece in this collection is characterised by a beautiful, spherical opal glass shade balanced on the edge of a rod, capturing a moment of perfect equilibrium. Offering a range of designs from wall and ceiling lights to table and floor designs, the IC Collection is effortlessly elegant and strikingly beautiful. 

Table Lamps

Floor lights


Wall Lights



Ceiling Lights

Portable Lights

Spotlight on: Michael Anastassiades

Continually transforming light...

Cypriot-born, London-based designer Michael Anastassiades has been creating pieces on the border between fine art and design for over 20 years. In a career spanning a mix of product, furniture and environmental design, he has remained true to his philosophy of creating exceptionally designed objects of permanent value. Combining industrial processes with artisanal techniques, his work breathes new life into interiors, and provokes dialogue and interaction from the user.

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