CLEARANCE: Driveway Lite

CLEARANCE: Driveway Lite

The Driveway Lite is supplied with a mounting canister that makes it easy to install. The luminaire can be driven over or walked upon without damaging it. Designed so the lamp can be directed by up to 20 degrees to highlight a bush, tree, or the outside of a building, etc. The 10cm tempered glass lens is flush fit so that dirt or water cannot collect on it. The light comes supplied with a high quality European 50W 5000 hour lamp. Lifetime Warranty on lens breakage.

Voltage: It is supplied in a Low Voltage version requiring a transformer.

LV version: MR16  20, 35 or 50 watt
Mains version: GU10 50 watt
Depth of canister: 150mm
Width of canister: 114mm
Projection of lamp: 20mm
External diameter: 148mm

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Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 50%
TO CLEAR - Bronze, low voltage (2 only) £223.00 - £111.50
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