Vienna TRV valve

Vienna TRV valve

A unique and rather beautiful valve that will complement many styles of radiator. Available in two colour options. Straight valve thermostatic

Height: 130mm
Pipe centres: For angled valves allow an extra 105mm in total

Note: Please note Vienna TRV valves are not Bi-directional 

Note: Please note the Vienna TRV valves are availabe in 15mm copper

Colours, finishes and styles

Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 50%
TO CLEAR - Antique brass (2 only) £184.00 - £92.00
TO CLEAR - Anthracite (2 only) £184.00 - £92.00
TO CLEAR - Chrome manual (2 sets only) WAS £150 £150.00 - £75.00
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