Holloway of Ludlow
BM1 Chair (no armrest)

BM1 Chair (no armrest)

Prices Inc. Vat:
BM1 chair - oak £804.00
BM1 chair - black lacquered oak £845.00
BM1 chair - smoked oak £869.00
Seat Cushion/Cord:
Natural paper cord
Black cord £105.00
Cushion customer fabric £119.00
Cushion black standard leather £176.00
Matching wooden gliders £22.00
Felt gliders £22.00

The BM1 CHAIR was originally designed to go along with the Shaker Tablealso designed by Børge Mogensen. The chair is also available with armrest, and then goes by the name BM2 Chair. The chair is made of solid wood and different kinds of treatments are available. The seat is made of hand-woven natural or colored paper cordel, which has been treated with eco-friendly soap and wax to make it stay resistant.

As standard the chairs come without gliders. The wooden legs would site directly onto the floor was done in the past. However, we do recommend that you add gliders to protect both the chair and your floor. Felt gliders give the most protection. 


Width: 51cm
Depth: 44cm 
Overall height: 78cm
Seat height: 46cm

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