Holloway of Ludlow
Flat BMR heated towel rail 1000

Flat BMR heated towel rail 1000

This ball-joint traditional towel warmer is handcrafted in the UK from chunky 32mm diameter brass tubing. Polished by hand to achieve a high-quality durable finish; polished chrome, polished brass or polished nickel are options. It can be operated directly from your heating system or supplied as a stand-alone electric radiator (150W) where plumbing options are limited. Should year-round use be required a combination of both heating sources is available as a dual fuel option.

Electric elements and dual fuel elements can be fitted on the left or right-hand side as you look at the rail.

Bespoke dimensions and special finishes, such as Antique Gold finish are available on request. Please contact the sales team bathrooms@hollowaysofludlow.com

All rails:
Height: 1000mm
Depth: 106mm

Width: 300mm
Output: 325 watts

Width: 400mm
Output: 366 watts

Width: 500mm
Output: 408 watts

Width: 600mm
Output: 450 watts

Prices Inc. VAT:
BMR5 - chrome £910.00
BMR5 - nickel £1001.00
BMR5 - gold £1137.00
BMR6 - chrome £939.00
BMR6 - nickel £1032.00
BMR6 - gold £1173.00
BMR7 - chrome £967.00
BMR7 - nickel £1063.00
BMR7 - gold £1208.00
BMR8 - chrome £998.00
BMR8 - nickel £1097.00
BMR8 - gold £1247.00
Add extras:
Dual fuel version - standard element £193.00
Dual fuel version - thermostatic element £193.00
Dual fuel version - hidden standard element £193.00
Electric only version - standard element £163.00
Electric only version - thermostatic element £163.00
Electric only version - hidden standard element £163.00