Holloway of Ludlow
Parisienne cast-iron radiator

Parisienne cast-iron radiator

SALE: 15% OFF ALL ORDERS OVER £2000. Call 020 7602 5757 for details. Stunning, intricately cast period style radiator. Available in a variety of finishes including burnished cast iron (shown), burnished antique gold, copper, natural cast iron, anthracite, pewter and matt black - at extra cost otherwise the radiator is supplied in a primed finish. Price quoted below is per section i.e. a 4 section radiator costs £312,  £356 if painted or £372 if burnished. A wall stay is strongly recommended - £12 per radiator. Please phone to confirm details and discuss delivery.

Height: 960mm
Depth: 205mm
Section length (width) 78mm

Heat output per section: 790 Btu

Colours, finishes and styles
Technical Drawing
per section - Primed £78.00
per section - Burnished cast-iron £93.00
per section - Burnished antique gold £93.00
per section - Burnished copper £93.00
per section - Natural cast-iron £89.00
per section - Anthracite £89.00
per section - Pewter £89.00
per section - Matt black £89.00
per section - Copper £89.00
per section - Gold £89.00
per section - Old penny £89.00
per section - Antique gold £89.00

Enter number of sections

 Sections at £78.00 a section.

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