Holloway of Ludlow
Ironbridge 4 column cast-iron radiator - Primed only

Ironbridge 4 column cast-iron radiator - Primed only

Prices Inc. Vat:
Ironbridge 360mm £37.90
Ironbridge 475mm £39.70
Ironbridge 660mm £44.00
Ironbridge 760mm £49.00
Ironbridge 960mm £63.20
Add joining kit:
Joining kit £125.90

SALE: 15% OFF ALL ORDERS OVER £2000. Call 020 7602 5757 for details. Cast-iron radiator made to the highest standards and a faithful copy of an original late Victorian design. Named after the cradle of the industrial revolution the Ironbridge cast-iron radiator is a classic example of form and function in perfect harmony. Available in 5 heights this is the most versatile cast-iron radiator available on the market. Please phone to confirm details and discuss delivery.

NOTE: These radiators are supplied primed only and will require the application of a top coat on site. They also may require tightening and your plumber may be required to make on-site adjustments. Please ensure that your plumber is comfortable with this. If not please look at our Brunel range which is supplied fully tested and requiring no on-site work. On all orders over £2000 we will supply a tightening tool free of charge. For smaller orders please add this if your plumber does not have one.

Section length: All 60mm
Front to back: All 144mm
5 height options:
IB360: Height 360mm, 188 BTUs/section
IB475: Height 475mm, 281 BTUs/section
IB660: Height 660mm, 402 BTUs/section
IB760: Height 760mm, 466 BTUs/section 
IB960: Height 960mm, 600 BTUs/section

For Watts divide BTUs by 3.4