Jielde Loft large flush wall light - Best UK price guaranteed

Jielde Loft large flush wall light - Best UK price guaranteed

Prices Inc. VAT:

Black £239.00
White £239.00
Ivory £239.00
Red £239.00
Light Blue £239.00
Pastel blue £239.00
Apple green £239.00
Olive £239.00
Khaki £239.00
Water green £239.00
Chocolate £239.00
Yellow Sulphur £239.00
Pink £239.00
Pearl gold (not available in matt) £239.00
Orange £239.00
Mustard £239.00
Mouse grey £239.00
Vespa £239.00
Ocean blue (not available in matt) £239.00
Water blue £239.00
Violet fuchsia £239.00
Burgundy £239.00
Silver grey (not available in matt) £239.00
Granite grey £239.00
Black hammered (not available in matt) £239.00
Copper hammered (not available in matt) £239.00
Brushed stainless steel (finish not available in matt or gloss) £261.00
Polished chrome (finish not available in matt or gloss) £295.00
TO CLEAR Pink gloss no switch (1 only) WAS £215 £150.00
TO CLEAR EX DISPLAY Polished Chrome no switch (1 only) WAS £265 £180.00

Paint finish:


Switch Option:

Integral switch on wall base £35.00
Hard Wired (no switch)
Plug, switch and cable £35.00

Originally designed in 1950 as a workshop light, Jielde's wide range of formats and colours soon established them as a favourite with domestic users. Robustly constructed in cast metal, adjustable in all directions, with a distinct, individual personality, their appeal remains undimmed.

The following Jielde colours are not available in a matte finish: Pearl gold, silver grey, black hammered, copper hammered.

Metallic Finishes:
Silver Grey

Metal Finishes:
Polished Chrome
Lacquered Brushed Steel

Hammered Finishes:
Black Hammered
Copper Hammered

The images shown are all in the gloss finish.

Fixing screws not provided

Shade diameter: 20cm
Shade height: 17cm
Projection: 43cm
Wall base diameter: 9cm
Bulb: 1 x E27 60W max

Colours, finishes and styles

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