Holloway of Ludlow
French Ceramic Rise and Fall Pendant

French Ceramic Rise and Fall Pendant

Prices Inc. Vat:
Discount: 15%
Atlantic Mist £223.00 - £189.55
Light Green £223.00 - £189.55
Grey £223.00 - £189.55
Jade £223.00 - £189.55
Mustard £223.00 - £189.55
Natural (cracked glaze) £223.00 - £189.55
Stone £223.00 - £189.55
Teal £223.00 - £189.55
Flex Length:
2 metre (supplied)
3 metre £10.00 - £8.50
4 metre £20.00 - £17.00

A traditional French ceramic rise and fall light that is a customer favourite. Move it up or down to change the mood in the room. This great French classic ceramic lamp comes with twisted fabric flex, aged brass fittings and a matching ceramic ceiling rose.


Available in 2m, 3m or 4m flex length, 2m flex is supplied.
Shade diameter: 34cm
Rose diameter: 10cm
Bulb holder and counterweight fittings: Aged brass
Flex: Grey twisted silk
Minimum drop: 60cm
Maximum drop: 180cm, 280cm or 380cm
Bulb: E27 screw-in, 60W max.
Weight: 3kg

Please note: The Natural glaze is prone to cracking over time. This is intended, and part of the aesthetic appeal of the glaze.