Tala LED Pygmy light bulb

Tala LED Pygmy light bulb

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Discount: 15%
E14 £7.00 - £5.95

The smallest bulb in our collection is designed to discreetly retrofit into a wide range of fixture designs whilst delivering a warm light.

We have spent a long time deciding which LED bulbs to sell. We have finally decided on these high quality bulbs from Tala which is also happens to be a British company. There are cheaper bulbs available but we have found that the quality is very patchy with variable lifetimes and inconsistent colour. We therefore recommend the Tala bulbs for use with our lighting.

Height: 6.5cm
Width: 2.8cm
Base size: E14
Wattage: 2W
Equivalent incandescent power: 15W
Lumens: 130
Efficency: 65lm/W
Colour temperature: 2,200

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