Soho wall light

Soho wall light

Prices Inc. Vat:

Small W1 - white £207.00
Small W1 - black £207.00
Small W1 - gold £207.00
Small W1 - rose gold £232.00
Medium W2 - white £305.00
Medium W2 - black £305.00
Medium W2 - gold £305.00
Medium W2 - rose gold £354.00
Large W3 - white £403.00
Large W3 - black £403.00
Large W3 - gold £403.00
Large W3 - rose gold £488.00
XL W4 - white £488.00
XL W4 - black £488.00
XL W4 - gold £488.00
XL W4 - rose gold £611.00
XXL W5 - white £611.00
XXL W5 - black £611.00
XXL W5 - gold £611.00
XXL W5 - rose gold £733.00

This beautiful circular wall light is available in three finishes: white, black and gold. The shade reflects the light onto the wall producing a lovely soft glow. For indoor or outdoor use these lights can be combined to create stunning compositions.

Diameter: 12cm
Depth: 3.5cm
Bulb: Integrated dimmable LED 6W Max 3000K (rose gold 2700K)

Diameter: 20cm
Depth: 5cm
Bulb: Integrated dimmable LED 8W Max 3000K (rose gold 2700K)

Diameter: 30cm
Depth: 6.5cm
Bulb: Integrated dimmable LED 11W Max 3000K (rose gold 2700K)

Diameter: 40cm
Depth: 9.2cm
Bulb: Integrated dimmable LED 15W Max 3000K (rose gold 2700K)

Diameter: 50cm
Depth: 10.8cm
Bulb: Integrated dimmable LED 18W Max 3000K (rose gold 2700K)

Rating: IP54 - suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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