Beetle Dining Chair - Wood Base - Front / Fully Upholstered

Beetle Dining Chair - Wood Base - Front / Fully Upholstered

Prices Inc. Vat:

Front Upholstered - From £578.00
Fully Upholstered - From £818.50


Black Stained Beech
Smoked Oak

Looking closely at the anatomy of the beetle insect, characterised by its solid outside and soft inside, the front upholstered Beetle Chair possesses all attributes. The front upholstered Beetle Chair holds the same soft core as the fully upholstered version, giving it an outstanding comfort while the contrasting outer in polypropylene plastic functions as a protective shell.

The Fully Upholstered Beetle Chair has since its introduction in 2013 being well received by end-consumers as well as interior architects. Due to its appealing design, outstanding comfort and unique customisation possibilities, the chair can be seen in many of the most renown restaurants around the world. The fully upholstered chair carries strong references to the design duo GamFratesi's inspirational source; the insect world, more specific the world of beetles.

This product is available in a huge range of fabrics. Please visit one of our stores or email to request samples, and further assistance.

Height: 87cm
Width: 52cm
Depth: 55cm
Sitting Height: Front upholstered 45.5cm, Fully upholstered: 44.5cm

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