Arco Desk

Arco Desk


Discount: 15%
White stained solid oak £893.00 - £759.05
Black stained solid oak £893.00 - £759.05
Solid oak £893.00 - £759.05

The Arco desk has several design features which make it extra special. The glass worktop which makes the contents of your drawer visible to everyone is supported on wooden trestles, the construction might seem simple, but this desk is both functional and versatile. Arco truly celebrates the desk's wooden frame, the glass top showcases this and altogether, it is obvious that Arco has been designed by a skilled carpenter.

Tabletop: Tempered safety glass, round corners, chamfer edges.

Width: 150cm
Depth: 75 cm
Height: 71cm

Drawer opens from either side

In-situ pictures

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