Bohemen hot tub

Bohemen hot tub

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Bohemen hot tub by Hikki

The Bohemen hot tub allows you to soak in Scandinavian luxury. Featuring a built-in stove, a durable yet lightweight construction and an attentive design, the hot tub offers a unique bathing experience all-year round. The tub has an inviting oak wood interior that can hold both fresh and saltwater and accommodate up to two adults and two children. With no complicated settings or flashing lights, the hot tub is easy to move and use and durable enough for almost any setting. The Bohemen hot tub offers a clean, authentic, wood-fired bathing experience, bringing the spa into your outdoors.

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Materials: Salt water-resistant aluminium and oak.
Size: Holds two adults and two children.
Dimensions: Length 212 cm, width 92 cm, height 66 cm. Max. water depth 54 cm.
Volume: 600 litres (with the stove in the tub).
Heating time: Approx. 80 minutes (summer), approx. 120 minutes (winter).
Weight: 47 kilos (tub only), 88 kilos with interior and accessories.


Cover - Lid
Made from heavy-duty marine textile which is both water- and dirt repelling as well as mould resistant. The cover is held in place by velcro straps, and the hexagonal rod from Bohemen works as a ridge to prevent rain from gathering.

Cover - Outer insulation
Insulation cover for Bohemen attached to the tub with velcro straps. The outer layer is made from the same heavy-duty marine textile as the cover above, and the inner layer is made of a soft cell plastic that efficiently insulates the tub.
The insulation is perfect for those who long for a winter bath! Not only does it shorten the warm-up time by itself, combined with our floating insulation it truly transforms Bohemen into a winter bathers dream! The outer layer also adds a warmer design element to the tub, for those who prefer that instead of the more industrial look of the aluminium treadplate.

Floating water insulation
The plate is held in place by the oven and chimney pipe and the insulation is strapped onto the aluminium plate by a sturdy, elastic nylon band. The insulation floats on top of the water and prevents heat from evaporating, this shortens the warm-up time and also prevents dirt from getting into the tub. When the water reaches your preferred temperature, simply detach the insulation, leave the plate in place, tilt back the backrest, and it's ready for use.

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