System Ultra shelving system

System Ultra shelving system

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Configuration 1 £1296.00 - £1101.60
Configuration 2 £1350.00 - £1147.50
Configuration 3 £2058.00 - £1749.30
Configuration 4 £2171.00 - £1845.35
Configuration 5 £2183.00 - £1855.55
Configuration 6 £2875.00 - £2443.75
Configuration 7 £3434.00 - £2918.90

System Ultra shelving system by Poul Cadovius for DK3

The System Ultra shelving system is a simple yet genius display and storage unit. Developed with space-saving and flexibility at the forefront of its design, Paul Cadovius' award-winning 1957 shelving system was inspired by the innovative idea to move furniture onto the walls leaving more space in the room. Comprising wall-mounted rails, shelves and hangers in powder-coated steel, the system is characterised by clean lines, slender shelves and an elegant, contemporary design. Place the pioneering System Ultra shelving system in your home for a modern storage solution to display sentimental objects, kitchen clutter, decorative accessories or a library of books.

Available in seven configurations to customise the system to suit your space and needs.

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Configuration 1:
Width: 75cm

Configuration 2:
Width: 75cm

Configuration 3:
Width: 75cm

Configuration 4:
Width: 147cm

Configuration 5:
Width: 147cm

Configuration 6:
Width: 147cm

Configuration 7:
Width: 291cm

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