Nest Hanger

Nest Hanger

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Black £55.00
Pink £55.00
Dark Blue £55.00
Dark Green £55.00

Like birds feathering their nests with tiny twigs, humans wing home with coats, keys and other small items in their pockets. Quick and easy storage helps keep them at hand, which is why Nest provides a container and a coat hook in one. The holder is sized to contain urban essentials such as keys, change, tokens and cards, providing a hideaway where pockets can be emptied of small items that need to be quickly retrieved. The hook is sized for hanging coats, scarves and decorative objects. Available in four colours, Nest is easy to match to interior walls, columns and other internal dividers. Like a nest in nature, the product blends into its surroundings, all the while providing a natural place for essential items.

Aluminium (hook) and steel (cup)

Height: 20cm
Diameter of bowl: 14cm

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