Tree coffee table

Tree coffee table

Prices Inc. Vat:

Oak - 120cm x 55cm £2756.00
Oak - 140cm x 55cm £2795.00
Oak - 120cm x 70cm £3067.00
Oak - 140cm x 70cm £3106.00
Smoked Oak - 120cm x 55cm £2977.00
Smoked Oak - 140cm x 55cm £3019.00
Smoked Oak - 120cm x 70cm £3312.00
Smoked Oak - 140cm x 70cm £3355.00
Walnut - 120cm x 55cm £3192.00
Walnut - 140cm x 55cm £3233.00
Walnut - 120cm x 70cm £3495.00
Walnut - 140cm x 70cm £3537.00

The tree coffee table is a perfectly balanced natural design. On top of the simple steel construction lies solid wooden planks shaped by nature and fashioned by the industry's most skilled hands. The table combines true craftmanship and innovative engineering, and the result is visually striking.

Length: 120 - 140cm
Width: 55 / 70cm
Height: 45cm
Table top: 4cm (two pieces)

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