PLAYround coffee table

PLAYround coffee table

Prices Inc. Vat:

XS - soaped sak £436.00
XS - white oiled oak £436.00
XS - natural oiled oak £436.00
XS - smoked oak £462.00
XS - natural oiled walnut £488.00
Small - soaped oak £488.00
Small - white oiled oak £488.00
Small - natural oiled oak £488.00
Small - smoked oak £528.00
Small - natural oiled walnut £554.00
Medium - soaped oak £528.00
Medium - white oiled oak £528.00
Medium - natural oiled oak £528.00
Medium - smoked oak £581.00
Medium - natural oiled walnut £614.00
Large - soaped oak £713.00
Large - white oiled oak £713.00
Large - natural oiled oak £713.00
Large - smoked oak £752.00
Large - natural oiled walnut £825.00
XL - soaped oak £950.00
XL - white oiled oak £950.00
XL - natural oiled oak £950.00
XL - smoked oak £1016.00
XL - natural oiled walnut £1056.00

Leg height:


PLAYround coffee table not only represents the signature series of tables that marked Bruunmunch as someone to be reckoned with in the universe of furniture. The collection also serves as a multi-functional addition to any home - singular as well as combined.

The PLAY series is available in various sizes, and several treatments of wood. This allows you to play with colours and sizes, adding and challenging the interior of your home. PLAYtables have been created with respect to quality and functionality for you and your home.

Natural oiled oak coffee table is pictured. For examples of all finishes please see 'Colours, finishes & styles' below.

Diameter: 45cm

Diameter: 52cm

Diameter: 60cm

Diameter: 75cm

Diameter: 90cm

Colours, finishes and styles

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