Bolt ceiling lamp - single arm

Bolt ceiling lamp - single arm

Prices Inc. Vat:

Smokey black £319.00
Flux green £319.00
Pure white £319.00
Midnight grey £319.00
Ash grey £319.00
Striking orange £319.00
Lightning white £319.00
Thunder blue £319.00
Daybreak rose £319.00
Sunny yellow £319.00

Fitting options:

Side Fit
Under Fit

The key element on the bolt ceiling lamp is the joint construction that can be adjusted with a wingnut-shaped tool. Besides being a functional tool, this wingnut is integrated in the design of the lamp itself as a distinctive visual element. The bold ceiling lamp comes with a solid brass accent finish.

Length (arm): 50cm


Diameter (shade): 15cm
Height (shade): 9cm

Side Mount:

Diameter (shade): 22cm
Height (shade): 10cm

Technical Drawing

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