Rocking Chair PP124

Rocking Chair PP124

Prices Inc. Vat:

Oak - Soap Treated £5129.00
Oak - Clear Bio Oil £5324.00
Oak - White Bio Oil £5324.00
Ash - Soap Treated £5234.00
Ash - White Bio Oil £5429.00
Black Lacquer £5675.00


Standard Fabric
Exclusive Fabric £342.00
Standard Leather £1397.00

The concept of a rocking chair was common in traditional American Shaker furniture. It is a wonderful way to relax and with this plain and simple, yet luxurious chair, rocking becomes a sensual experience. With its distinctly Scandinavian appearance, this chair is carefully designed for well-balanced comfort, and down to its very last detail, it is thoroughly shaped, jointed, sanded and plaited by our skilled craftsmen with a lifetime of daily use in mind.

This chair offers thousands of hours of rocking relaxation in which you can read, listen, enjoy a cup of tea, watch television or just let your thoughts flow freely while you gently rub the solid wood with your hands. And although you may not want to leave the chair, the fact that it rocks, actually makes getting up from it easy.

pp124 comes with flag halyard in nature or black. The clips connecting the flag halyard come in stainless steel, brass or black. Seat and neck cushions come in fabric or leather, and the cover for the neck cushion comes in a range of fabrics specifically suited for carrying the cushion.

This is a special order chair, PP Mobler furniture is made to the highest standards using the finest materials. Lead times can vary so please contact or one of our stores for further details.
Flag Halyard is available in Natural or Black. 
Clips are available in; Stainless Steel, brass or black.
The sleeve for the neck cushion is not available in leather, and can only be made in the same material as you choose for the cushion. 

After having placed an order please email with your order number and the fabric/leather name and number.

Please see 'Colours, finishes and styles' for examples of the wood finishes.

Please click the links below to see Fabric/Leather Options.

Standard Fabric
Fabric Group 1 - Svensson Rami
Fabric Group 2 - Svensson Rami Plus
Fabric Group 3 - Svensson Balance
Fabric Group 4 - Kvadrat Hallingdal
Fabric Group 5 - Kvadrat Tonica
Fabric Group 6 - Kjellerup - Blans

Fabric Exclusive
Fabric Group 1B - Kvadrat Coda
Fabric Group 2B - Kvadrat Vidar

Standard Leather
Leather Group 1 - Camo Vacona
Leather Group 2 - Sorensen Vegetal and Elegance

Height (total): 108cm
Width: 75cm
Depth: 88cm
Seat Height: 40cm

Colours, finishes and styles

In-situ pictures

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