Flag Halyard Chair PP225

Flag Halyard Chair PP225

Prices Inc. Vat:

All Polished Base £9501.00


Standard Fabric
Exclusive Fabric £169.00
Standard Leather £321.00


Assorted Colour

With a frame made of solid stainless steel, 240 metres specially developed flag line forming the seat and back, and a longhaired sheepskin softening the industrial sharpness of the steel, this chair constitutes ultimate and luxurious relaxation!

Although the appearance of the Flag Halyard Chair seems rather futuristic, the basic idea was conceived on a hot summer afternoon in rather trivial circumstances. While the kids were playing in the shallow waters along the beach, Wegner was digging himself into the sand building a comfortable chair to enjoy the holidays. Back in the summerhouse Wegner made the first sketches using the seating angles that he had conceived on the beach.

Despite having obvious preferences for wood, Wegner shows his bold and courageous appetite for creating. With the Flag Halyard Chair he pays a tribute to the early modernists such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and Marcel Breuer, and proves that he masters stainless steel with the same conclusive elegance as he masters wood.

pp225 comes with a unique sheepskin for further comfort. pp225 is available in natural flax or natural flax dyed black. It comes with a leather or fabric upholstered neck cushion and brittle leather or jute straps to hold it.

This chair is also available in black/white and green lacquered base. For prices please contact one of our stores or 
This is a special order chair, PP Mobler furniture is made to the highest standards using the finest materials. Lead times can vary so please contact or one of our stores for further details.
Please have in mind that in the unlikely event of two customers reserving the same sheepskin, we will contact you to let you know. All sheepskin are produced in Iceland, and are a bi-product of food production. All sheep have lived in the open fields, and the hides have been processed without the use of chrome.

If you wish to select the sheep-skin for your Flag Halyard Chair, you can see all available sheepskin following this link.

When you place the order simply email with your order number, the sheepskin number and the fabric/leather name and number.

Please see 'Colours, finishes and styles' for examples of the wood finishes.

Please click the links below to see Fabric/Leather Options.

Standard Fabric
Fabric Group 1 - Svensson Rami
Fabric Group 2 - Svensson Rami Plus
Fabric Group 3 - Svensson Balance
Fabric Group 4 - Kvadrat Hallingdal
Fabric Group 5 - Kvadrat Tonica
Fabric Group 6 - Kjellerup - Blans

Standard Leather
Leather Group 1 - Camo Vacona
Leather Group 2 - Sorensen Vegetal and Elegance

Fabric Exclusive
Fabric Group 1B - Kvadrat Coda
Fabric Group 2B - Kvadrat Vidar

Height (total): 80cm
Width: 104cm
Depth: 115cm
Seat Height: 38cm

In-situ pictures

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