Round Chair - The Chair PP503

Round Chair - The Chair PP503

Prices Inc. Vat:

Oak - Soap Treated £3938.00
Oak - Clear Bio Oil £4085.00
Oak - White Bio Oil £4085.00
Ash - Soap Treated £4027.00
Ash - White Bio Oil £4174.00
Cherry - Clear Bio Oil £4615.00
Walnut - Clear Bio Oil £5513.00

Seat Options:

Fabric - See list below for colour options
Leather - See list below for colour options £136.00

The back of the pp503 is carved out of a 5 inch piece of solid wood. pp503 comes with a choice of standard fabric or standard leather seat covering. 

'The Round One' as Wegner referred to it with his usual provincial modesty, is one of the most famous Danish pieces of furniture - certainly the most distinctly Danish. In its own modest and simple way it sums up the very essence of traditional Danish woodworking and design philosophy. And it is absolutely the most important work of Hans J. Wegner.

When John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon met in the first ever, televised election debate in 1960, they sat in the Round Chair. It was chosen mainly for its comfort and genuine quality - made in Denmark and shipped to the USA to play an important role in this historic event. Eventually the Americans came up with a new and more telling name for this chair. They called it 'The Chair'.

PLEASE NOTE: Limited two year warranty for cane, limited production due to extraordinary wood sourcing and drying process. Cane must be moistened regularly. If it dries out it may crack. 

This chair is available in many fabric and leather options. Please click on the fabric/leather name below for images and number to your chosen material. After having placed an order please email with your order number and the fabric/leather name and number.

Please see 'Colours, finishes and styles' for examples of the wood finishes.

Please click the links below to see Fabric/Leather Options.
Fabric Group 1 - Svensson Rami
Fabric Group 2 - Svensson Rami Plus
Fabric Group 3 - Svensson Balance
Fabric Group 4 - Kvadrat Hallingdal
Fabric Group 5 - Kvadrat Tonica
Fabric Group 6 - Kjellerup - Blans

Leather Group 1 - Camo Vacona
Leather Group 2 - Sorensen Vegetal and Elegance

Height (total): 76cm
Height (arm rest): 70cm
Width: 63cm
Depth: 52cm
Seat Height: 45cm

Lead time approx 12-16 weeks. Limited production due to extraordinary wood sourcing and drying process.

PP Mobler furniture is made to the highest standards using the finest materials. Lead times can vary so please contact one of our stores for further details. 

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