Folding Chair PP512

Folding Chair PP512

Prices Inc. Vat:

Oak - Soap Treated £4788.00
Oak - Clear Bio Oil £4982.00
Oak - White Bio Oil £4982.00
Ash - Soap Treated £4862.00
Ash - White Bio Oil £5056.00


Soap Treated Oak £284.00
Soap Treated Ash £284.00
Clear Bio Oil Oak £331.00
White Bio Oil Oak £331.00
White Bio Oil Ash £331.00

Presented along with The Chair at the legendary 1949 Cabinet makers Guild Autumn Exhibition, the Folding Chair is so elegantly solved that only Wegner could have designed it. Although its shape obviously pays homage to the Barcelona Chair by the renowned Bauhaus architect Mies van der Rohe, the Folding Chair nonetheless reveals the unique skill so characteristic of Wegner himself.

This modern and minimalistic construction exhibits the superb handling of two basic natural materials: solid wood and cane. The wooden handles serve as hand-rests, but they also intersect with the otherwise continuing cane seat causing an aesthetic deviation, which makes the cane work look well balanced rather than overdone.

The Folding Chair appears quite straightforward and elegant in use and thus offers a tangible experience of quality materials. However, when hanging neatly folded on the wall it becomes a breathtaking piece of art.

pp512 is perfect as a low living room chair or for the terrace or summer house.

pp512 comes with seat in nature or light cane. The material used in caning chairs is derived from the peeled bark or skin of the rattan vine native to Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Some vines reach 600ft in length. Rattan vine looks somewhat similar to bamboo but is much more flexible.

PLEASE NOTE: Limited two year warranty for cane, limited production due to extraordinary wood sourcing and drying process. Cane must be moistened regularly. If it dries out it may crack. 

Please see 'Colours, finishes and styles' for examples of the wood finishes.

When Chair is Open:
Height (total): 75cm
Width: 61cm
Depth: 74cm
Seat Height: 39cm

When Chair is Folded:
Height (total): 99cm
Width: 61cm

Limited production due to extraordinary wood sourcing and drying process.

PP Mobler furniture is made to the highest standards using the finest materials. Lead times can vary so please contact one of our stores for further details. 

Colours, finishes and styles

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