Raimond pendant light

Raimond pendant light

Prices Inc. Vat:

Raimond 43 - Dimmable £1724.00
Raimond 61 - Dimmable £2492.00
Raimond 89 - Dimmable £4094.00
Raimond 127 - Dimmable 1-10V £14916.00
Raimond 127 - Dimmable with remote £15929.00
Raimond 163 - Dimmable 1-10V £23755.00
Raimond 163 - Dimmable with remote £25604.00
Raimond 199 - Dimmable 1-10V £34060.00
Raimond 199 - Dimmable with remote £35073.00

Raimond pendant light by Raimond Puts for Moooi

The Raimond pendant light is a perfect geometric sphere inspired by the geodesic dome and designed to bring the night sky inside. A feat of technological innovation, the double-shell sphere is made from stainless steel strips that form a thin, openwork triangular mesh to transport the electric current around the pendant. The luminaire comprises a constellation of tiny LED lights scattered across the frame that spread a warm white light in every direction, combining maximum functionality with beautiful, minimal design. Hang the Raimond pendant light above your dining table or in your living room and bring the ethereal starry sky into your home.

Height: 43cm
Bulbs: LED 16W 2700K 329lm

Height: 61cm
Bulbs: LED 30W 2700K 644lm

Height: 89cm
Bulbs: LED 50W 2700K 790lm

Width: 127cm
Bulbs: LED 46W 2700K 1684lm

Width: 163cm
Bulbs: LED 70W 2700K 2779lm

Width: 199cm
Bulbs: LED 100W 2700K 4148lm

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