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Lefroy Brooks is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of classic bathroom taps, chinaware and accessories. Inspired by a range of original fittings built up by Christo Lefroy Brooks from salvage yards, museums and antique shops the range has expanded to cover the main eras of bathroom design; from the early domestic origins of the late Victorian era through the mechanical angularity of the Edwardians, the curvaceous turn of the century French, the colonial Twenties, the Deco Thirties and the streamline Fifties.

Holloways of Ludlow are recognised as one of the leading suppliers of this quality range. Undertaking projects across the country, Holloways offer an unparalleled service and superior product knowledge across the entire Lefroy Brooks range. In particular, Holloways can provide expert advice as to the most suitable fittings. We will take into account the style you desire, the type of property and also how you intend to use the bathroom.

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