JH dining table

JH dining table

Prices Inc. Vat:

Soaped oak £2835.00
Oiled oak £2835.00
Black marble £4935.00
Dark grey marble £4935.00
Light grey marble £4935.00

Add extension ring:

Formica £1985.00
Soaped oak veneer £1985.00
Oiled oak veneer £1985.00

This round table was designed with extension panels in the shape of a ring. One of the main features about this table is the extension ring, providing the solution for the challenge of extending a round table. These panels are made in colored formica, and are in a very unique and clever way assembled as a ring around the table top using metal coins to hold the ring in place.

Dining table:
Height: 68cm
Width: 115cm

Extension ring:
4 leaves
Width: 30cm
Total diameter with leaves: 175cm

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