The Art Collector's table

The Art Collector's table

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In its closed form, The Art Collector’s Table presents itself with a simple, graphical expression, but it contains a very special hidden feature. Upon closer inspection, the richness in detail will unfold before your eyes; The split tabletop can be unfolded, revealing a glass case - a treasure chamber for the collector's most valuable objects. While the table is unfolded the leaves still function as two separate tabletops on which one can place a cup of coffee, while admiring the objects on display in the glass cover.

The table is produced in American Black walnut, with a solid frame and edges. The tabletop is veneered, so that one can experience the grain of the tree in an unbroken fashion. The glass case is fitted in a separate case, which is also made from walnut and is removable. Once the table is unfolded, brass hinges reveal themselves, constituting yet another detail in the design.


Materials: Walnut, glass, brass.


Length: 61.7cm (unfolded length: 123.4cm)

Height: 59.3cm (unfolded height: 57.2cm)

Depth: 45.8cm


If you would like any further information on the Art Collector's Table please contact our Wimbledon or Brasted showrooms.

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