Navicula pendant

Navicula pendant

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Discount: 20%
Small £2550.00 - £2040.00
Medium £3095.00 - £2476.00
Large £4125.00 - £3300.00

Derived from nature, the Navicula was inspired by one of the many microscopoic diatoms that float around in the ocean.  It's flowing, segmented form casts magical paterns. Lit from within by a row of LED pin-point lights in three sizes.

The Navicula is shipped as flatpack and assembled on site with push-in nylon clips.  All sizes include the following:
Bulb: Supplied LED light box, 2700K Dimmable
Canopy: Supplied 38cm long, 8cm wide, 4cm hight
Materials: Bamboo Plywood, Nylon clips, Stainless Steel Wire

Width: 57cm
Height: 20cm
Depth: 144cm

Width: 90cm
Height: 38cm
Depth: 195cm

Width: 100cm
Height: 45cm
Depth: 255cm

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