Series 87 pendant 3 - 7 pieces

Series 87 pendant 3 - 7 pieces

Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 15%
3 round canopy £2046.00 - £1739.10
3 cluster canopy £2046.00 - £1739.10
5 round canopy £3410.00 - £2898.50
7 round canopy £4773.00 - £4057.05
7 cluster canopy £4773.00 - £4057.05

Bulb type:

10W Xenon
1.8W LED

Soda water is used to trap air in a super heated glass matrix, which is vertically stretched and folded back onto itself between pegs numerous times. As the glass cools, the folding motion along the grain of the loop turns the entrapped air into microfilaments that give the piece a pearlescent optical quality. Available with either xenon or LED bulb fittings.

Please see 'Colours, finishes and styles' for ceiling rose examples. Extra cable is available, please contact for more information.

Glass height: 30 - 50cm
Glass width: 11.5 - 24cm

3 pendant canopy: 15.2cm diameter
5 pendant canopy: 15.2cm diameter
7 pendant canopy: 20.3cm diameter

Bulb: 1 x 10W xenon or 1.8W LED (bulb included)
Transformer: integral (transformer housed within junction box) transformer included

Lamps and transformers included.

Colours, finishes and styles

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