Series 84 pendant 11 - 36 pieces

Series 84 pendant 11 - 36 pieces

Prices Inc. Vat:

Discount: 15%
11 pendant rectangle canopy £8800.00 - £7480.00
11 pendant square canopy £8800.00 - £7480.00
14 pendant rectangle canopy £11200.00 - £9520.00
14 pendant round canopy £11200.00 - £9520.00
20 pendant rectangle canopy £16000.00 - £13600.00
26 pendant rectangle canopy £20800.00 - £17680.00
26 pendant round canopy £20800.00 - £17680.00
26 pendant square canopy £20800.00 - £17680.00
36 pendant rectangle canopy £28800.00 - £24480.00
36 pendant round canopy £28800.00 - £24480.00
36 pendant square canopy £28800.00 - £24480.00

Bulb type:

10W Xenon
1.5W LED

A white glass moil is captured inside a fine copper mesh basket and then plunged into hot clear glass. Air is blown into the matrix to gently push the white glass through the mesh, creating a delicate pillowed form that is suspended inside the thick outer layer of clear glass. Sometimes the copper mesh basket folds and crinkles, adding specificity to each piece. Undulations in the exterior shape are a natural consequence of the fabrication process and accentuate the gentle white pillowing below. A low-voltage xenon or LED light source is introduced into the piece, casting a warm coppery hue.

The cables on this pendant are fixed at a certain length depending on your requirements and are not adjustable. Please see 'Colours, finishes and styles' for ceiling rose examples. Extra cable is available, please contact for more information.

Diameter (individual glass): 12cm

11 pendant:
Rectangle: 85cm x 28.4cm
Square: 50.8cm x 50.8cm

14 pendant:
Round: 50.8 diameter
Rectangle: 85cm x 28.4cm

20 pendant:
Rectangle: 132cm x 30cm

26 pendant:
Square: 60cm x 60cm
Rectangle: 100cm x 33.5cm
Round: 60cm diameter

36 pendant:
Square: 75.5cm x 75.5cm
Rectangle: 110cm x 37cm
Round: 75.5cm diameter

Bulb: 1 x 10W Xenon or 1.5W LED (bulb included)
Transformer: Integral - transformer housed within junction box (transformer included)

Cable: Fixed length

Colours, finishes and styles

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