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In 1885, with his three eldest sons, Herbert Terry established Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd. In the early 1930s George Carwardine developed a theoretical concept for balancing weights using springs, cranks and levers. Working with springs developed by Herbert Terry & Sons, a patent was filed and the first Anglepoise lamp was launched. A three spring version was soon launched and this model has become a design classic - the 1227.

During the past decade Anglepoise has seen a renaissance with new designs and the embrace of new technology. For example, the highly respected product designer Kenneth Grange (responsible for the Kodak Instamatic, 125 train and updated London black cab) was asked to develop a new lamp. His creation, the Type 3 is a classic in its own right.

In 2009 Anglepoise celebrated 75 years by reissuing the original 1227 design and the iconic design received recognition by being placed on a Royal Mail Stamp celebrating British Design classics including the Mini, Concorde, Routemaster and the Spitfire.